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27th-May-2008 11:29 am - ADMIN: LJ Advisory Board Elections
donna - be those things?
I am endorsing the following candidates in the LJ advisory board representative elections: legomymalfoy, rm, and vichan. For more information on why these three, please see this post at fandom_votes.

You can make your vote here: LJ Advisory Board Voting
24th-Apr-2008 09:52 pm - DS Calendars for May
I posted 3 DS Calendars for May at


23rd-Nov-2007 11:52 am - DS Calendars for December
I've made four DS Calendars for December. Feel free to take and use, but please comment and no hotlinking.

19th-Nov-2007 10:40 am - DS Drabbles
severus snape
First post to this community.
I have a few Due South drabbles that I hope you like. All are Fraser/Kowalski.
Author: 2_4_joy
Title: Arguing with Wolves
Summary: Diefenbaker and Fraser discuss proper conduct.
Arguing with Wolves (PG13)
Title: Partners
Summary: Ray's thoughts during the episode "Asylum" when he is trapped in the Consulate.
Partners (PG)
Title: Home
Summary: When Fraser returns to Canada, he finds that home is no longer complete without Ray.
Home (PG)

RCW 139: Toronto Holiday is official! Scheduled for August 15-17, 2008 RCW 139 returns to Toronto, Ontario Canada to bring fans of the television show Due South together once again. The convention venue is the Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel (the same location at the former Radisson hotel where RCW 139 was held in 1996-1999). This places the convention in the heart of all that Toronto has to offer.

New information will be forthcoming regarding convention details. These will be posted as they are determined. 

The convention website can be accessed at: www.rcw139.org

Let's make this year's convention be the best RCW 139 yet!

W. Szabo Verzoc
PR Coordinator
RCW 139: Toronto Holiday 2008

26th-Oct-2007 09:15 am - DS Calendars for November
I've got 3 DS Calendars at my journal. Feel free to take for personal use, but please comment. No hotlinking.

30th-Sep-2007 02:41 pm - DS Novel BYGONES 4 online
BYGONES 4: Recovery, the final part of the BYGONES series has timed out and is now available online at my website http://grey.ravenshadow.net/

Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Contains explicit language and sex. It deals with adult themes such as sexual abuse and addiction.

Summary: BYGONES 4: RECOVERY is mostly a Ray story, Ray's struggles, his thoughts, his point of view. He has a lot of issues and while Ben's there to help him find the right path, nobody can make Ray's choices but himself.

This is the end of the BYGONES series. I tried to tie up all the loose ends and give Ray and Ben closure. Fair warning, if you haven't read the other three parts, you might get lost because there are a lot of original characters.

Thanks so much to Bast for encouragement, to Shar for her artwork on the zine, to Jenn for her support, and to all for their friendship.

For those still interested in buying the zine instead of reading it online, you can still buy it at Requiem at


I'd love to hear your thoughts.
27th-Sep-2007 09:16 am - DS Calendars for October
I've got three DS calendars for October. One is from the show, but the other two are done with pictures of Callum Rennie and Paul Gross instead of their characters. Feel free to take for personal use, but please comment. No hot linking.

Still looking mighty fineCollapse )
26th-Jul-2007 03:29 pm - DS Calendars for August
I've got three DS calendars for August at my journal at grey853 Feel free to take and use, but please comment. No hotlinking.
24th-May-2007 04:47 pm - DS June Calendar
I've got a new DS June Calendar at grey853 Enjoy.
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